Speciality Linens

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Sequin Linens
Sequin Linens are among the most popular of linens each year! Last year the demand for sequin linens came as no surprise, because they are absolutely stunning! This 2015 season the demand is back! This time we have a large request for gold sequin linens! To reserve yours today, call us ASAP to book! We have white, gold and silver sequin linens!


Rossette Linens
Rosette Linens are another speciality linen that never goes out of style! Rosettes are a beautiful way to create accent tables, whether it is apart of a head table or a cake table. They’re a gorgeous piece that will add that touch of elegance you’re searching for. We carry rosettes in rounds in black, white, and ivory.

Overlays are beautiful accent to any satin linen colour you choose for your special day. They make outdoor weddings look elegant, indoor weddings breathtaking, and make any table look stunning.

Coming Soon.. Demask Linens!

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